I work for myself because I am yet to find the company deserving of my unwavering dedication.

Whether it is the mission statement, ethos, structure or simply just how things are done – I have never found a firm which could convince me to be another one of their lifers.

I have tried that route, believe me, and had some flattering propositions over the years.

But unlike many, I am just not wired to accept the humdrum mediocrity, hierarchical unfairness and operational malaise in offices up and down the land.

I view myself as an experienced and effective hired gun, someone to call in when you just need a headache-free outsourcing option.

Never lacking confidence, I secretly believe I am that guy who almost certainly could do any salaried job, and at any level of seniority, if somebody could just persuade me it is worth it.

But until I get that mythical headhunting call, I will continue to build my own perfectly-formed empire-ette.

I’m the master of me own ship, matey. It’s why, inexplicably, Mrs C finds me so very attractive.

So it amuses and often irritates me when I encounter staffers who do not understand the delineation lines between me as a freelancer, and them as an employee.

Overwhelmingly, I have built positive and mutually beneficial relationships with companies who have hired me.

But just occasionally, I have had to remind certain middle managers of the difference between them and me.

That is to say, issues with my work, judgement or output are to be discussed in a company-to-company way, with agreed fees or future bookings their only recourse.

I have an affable manner and I’m endlessly reasonable, so it is always jarring – possibly even objectively hilarious – for said middle managers when they awaken my ruthless, sharp-tongued side.

When they have assumed their shit–rolls-downhill approach will fly with me.

When I have to remind them their unhealthy viewpoint on martyrdom working practices and ‘bollicking’ culture are bullshit outside their banana republic.

As always, I realise I only risk alienating potential clients by speaking my mind in my blog.

As always, precisely no shits are given.

I know I speak for many, even if they have decided to adopt a more, ahem, pragmatic and diplomatic approach to lead generation.

I am the change in the working world that I would like to see.

So CogitoPR will continue to be an effective tool for big-boy pants enterprises where staff have enough experience to understand how to effectively work with freelancers.

​But let’s be clear up front – when you hire me you hire a sole trader, not someone who has ​sold their soul.